10 In-Demand AR and VR Jobs: Skill Requirements, Pay Scale, and Demand Trends

XR researchers may work in academic, corporate, or institutional research environments. Researchers explore new or advanced fields of study in Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Realities as communication mediums, as well as their applications in real-world situations and fields, and other explorative uses.

Skill Requirements

The academic or corporate requirements for researchers are usually the same. Some of the commonly occurring requirements include:

  • Must have an advanced degree
  • Years of real-world experience in XR projects
  • Experience with VR/AR research and development

Pay Scale

Researchers earn $102,544 on average nationwide, but they can earn up to $218,000.

Who is Hiring Now?

Institutions hiring, offering internships, or fellowships now include

9. Business Development Manager

Image Credit: Austin Distel

Businesses are hiring XR business development managers to help them with developing new business solutions around XR technologies, drive solutions for existing customers, and other more.

Skill Requirements

Recurring skill requirements from employees include

  • Years or more than a decade experience in hi-tech industries
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • More than two years of experience in XR spaces
  • Open to traveling frequently
  • Experience with customer-facing situations
  • Experience with early market products

Pay Scale

The pay scale for this job is about $78,000, on average, nationwide across the US. And high earners take home over $201,000.

Who is Hiring Now?

As of this writing, the companies hiring in this space include:

10. Marketing, Sales, and Distribution

Image Credit: Kaleidico

Marketing, sales, and product distribution teams of XR companies commit to meeting their sales targets, stay abreast of industry trends and leverage them to boosts sales, spot, and develop client relationships that they can eventually convert to sales.

Skill Requirements

Recurring client requirements include:

  • Previous experience with customer account development in the VR/AR space
  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in technical or software development fields
  • Powerful presentation skills
  • Ability to use marketing tools like Salesforce
  • Must be willing to travel a lot

Pay Scale

Marketing and sales jobs in this space pay an average of $60,000 a year. The highest-paid employees earn over $160,000 a year on average.

Who is Hiring Now?

It Doesn’t Stop at 10

Yes, other in-demand roles abound. So it doesn’t stop at 10.

As you might have guessed, businesses and other institutions are waking up to the benefits of XR faster than they can find qualified hands to work with them. So it makes perfect sense that new roles keep emerging and existing ones keep expanding.

Here’s a quick look at other in-demand jobs and roles in this space.

  1. 3D Artists
  2. Design Architects
  3. VR Prototyper with companies like Spatialand.
  4. Partnership lead with companies like Facebook.
  5. System Validation Engineers 
  6. VR Sound Effects Specialists

In case you’re wondering if these roles are less in-demand than the first 10, no, they are not less in-demand roles. For an industry that’s going from $7 billion to over $120 billion in just eight years, almost every available job in this space will see significant growth.

Screenshot source: Fortune Business Insights

If you’re curious to find more jobs, you can keep an eye on company job ads on LinkedIn here. All the awesome companies you want to work with post their jobs on LinkedIn. You can set a notification on LinkedIn too.

Where Do You Go from Here?

If you already have the skills and qualifications that these companies seek, go ahead, take the jobs.

But if you’re considering, planning, or making a career switch, then you want the best training in this field. More so, if you’re already in the field and want to improve your skills to become more competitive, some training will help too.

Circuit Stream has the industry’s most robust training on the most in-demand XR development platform, Unity. As you might have noticed, most in-demand jobs require that you work with Unity.

You may attend any of Circuit Stream’s free workshops on VR and AR, to get you started. You also get the chance to ask your questions and interact with instructors directly.

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